Welcome to our education page. Here you will find education material for both investors and entrepreneurs.

We will have lots of video information and also free tools like business plan maker, how to find investors and how to present your project to them. Keep it simple and clear is keywords. Many investors get hundreds of projects every day and many do only read less than 1% off them. So it is important that your presentation is short and clear that in the first 20 words come out clear what you offer.

Remember that investors is not investors or have money because they are stupid. An investor will see very fast if your presentation looks to much.

To make a business plan is the easiest way to start from the back and go to start.  Remember that most investors may only read the numbers and how you built it up. Keep numbers on a true level. A new Facebook that will bring Millions of percentage in profits do not sounds true.  Explain and put a source to your numbers: Example: Starbucks made 10% profit in the first year so you believe you can make 5% first year and make a break even ( The zero point ).

Make a video presentation and link to your profile, this create trust on you and your project. Put a clear profile picture on your profile. Fill in as many ways to get in contact with you.

For investors, we will help to find frauds and scams. We will show some videos and tools. One good tool is put scam and persons name or email on google, another good tool is PIPL search engine. In the inmail you will get more tools that is good to use..


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