Welcome to JMC!

We are open to all countries and territories without restrictions. We want to give investors wider and more opportunities by accepts more countries and projects on our portal.

Investors get free access to a social portal on our site. Exchanges ideas with other investors, get access to a blacklist, you can hide your profile from others or select who can see your profile or contact you. Promote your investment / finance business to all members.

For entrepreneurs we offer many new options. Post your project in your own languages or English, our site translator take care of the translation to viewers languages. It is free to join, promote and post your project. Your project will also be posted at same time in our social media pages like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. Your project will also be posted in our news letter to all investors. You can select VIP Membership that give you more options to get out with your project. VIP your project will be on top on all social media and newsletter post. Also your project will be in all post during the time you are VIP. You will have the possibility to see all investors that have not restricted in their profile to see them. As a VIP we will verify your identity that will build up trust. VIP membership gives you many times higher possibility to get contacted by an investor..

Investors: We do a check up on all investors as well. We do not permit upfront fees in any form. Investors need to keep strict to international rules about money laundry and source of origin of funds. We never take any part of the funding, this is a process between entrepreneur and investor. Our platform is free and open for all and to keep it free we need to keep all simple. Investors need to provide full name, address, country, citizenship, e-mail, telephone number/cell and fixed, the numbers and addresses need to be real and not virtual numbers or virtual offices. Contact details can also go to an lawyer office.. We offer a service that we can be in the middle or make a legal DD of a project or entrepreneur, contact us for more about this.. All services is open and free for all investors.. Investor can hide their profile or make it visible for part or all people..



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