Free for all Crowdfunding platform.

Welcome to JMC!

We have moved to a new host and coming soon up with a working financial portal.

Remember that we are only a service portal, we do not offer or give any financial services, we only provide information and crowdfunding platform for all. All will be ad sponsored and free of charges. We will also not take any commissioins from the use of crowdfunding platform.

Our concept is unique in many ways, not only because it is free, it will also provide education and ideas how to find investors and funding. How to make your business plan and presentation. Registered members will get access to our funding source library with direct contact to investors around the world..

We have integrated Social media into the platform, when you post your project and each post you can select under the post if you want it to be posted on our social media as well. If you do not see it then your post will be posted to all our social media pages like Twitter and Facebook. Keep your project alive by regulary post news about your project.

Registered investors will receive by email all or selected crowdfunding posts/news if they activate this free service. Investors have the possibility to have hidden profile thats only vissible for JMC or selected categories like other investors, this for to evitate investors been spammed or get a mail wall..


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